1. Lisa

    That’s why these writings are classified as false. For a more accurate and less polished reading go to the source and read the Didache if you’re really interested.
    The Pseudepigrapha is full of many such writings. For a good scare, I recommend reading the Apocalypse of Peter. The scariest part is that this book nearly made it into the cannon. Yikes.

  2. Jim W

    Found your site from Jones’ blog. I tend to follow his sick ramblings, trying to see what idiocy the emergents are getting up to now. Always sad to see just how silly they can be. Just wanted to let you know that Solomon’s Porch is in Minneapolis, not Milwaukee. I wish I could foist that sore off to someone else’s city, but I’m stuck with them. God bless you.

    • Thanks for the feedback, bro, and the correction. I keep getting that area of the country confused, even though my brother lives in one of those cities. It is an amazing world to behold, I agree, and sad.

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