Keith McCallum

About Keith

Keith McCallum, our beloved Senior Pastor, was born in 1956 in Columbus, Ohio. He hailed from a family deeply rooted in faith, with his father being a Navy captain in WWII and an internationally recognized electrochemist. His mother, born and raised as a Quaker in Kenya, was an "MK" (Missionary's Kid). This unique heritage set the stage for Keith's lifelong commitment to the ministry. Keith's journey began in 1981, when he started teaching the Bible and planting churches. He was a dedicated OSU Buckeye alumni with a degree in journalism, a post-graduate from Ashland Seminary, and a passionate student of life. From 1983 to 1991, Keith served at Columbus Xenos in various roles, including Central Teacher, Leadership Class instructor, and elder. His family had a rich tradition of church-building and missions work, and Keith's own path followed suit. Keith's passion for spreading the teachings of Jesus Christ led him to a life of ministry. His dedication to his faith, discipleship, and his family was unwavering. Today, we remember Keith McCallum as a loving husband, father, and a faithful servant of God.

Keith's Books

Victorious Love
Victorious Love
If love is THE distinctive of Christ-followers, and is the ultimate currency in God‘s economy, then any book about God‘s love should be radical, inspiring, and challenging. It’s this kind of love that restores broken families, reshapes broken lives, and rescues people from unformed, compromised, and unfulfilling lives. Keith McCallum takes us on a deep dive into Scripture, that confronts mushy, weak, sentimental views of Christian love and equips us to move forward, victoriously-impacting the world around us, empowered by God's unfailing love.
The Scarlet Thread
The Scarlet Thread: Tracing God's Incredible Plan
The Creator God who formed the grandeur of this universe and is commanding it, is not aloof or indifferent to our human condition. Out of love, He is intimately involved: His desire is to relate with His created beings. "God is Love" and His Kindgom is held together by viable loving relationships. We were created with a deep longing for such a Kingdom. In addition, God made it possible for you to rise above the tiny world of timed, sequential events, and see it all from His eternal point of view. Even more amazing, He prepared a fulfilling opportunity for you to participate in His Kingdom - if you want to. This is what God's Increcible Plan is all about: God revealing Himself and His Plan to satisfy our restless drive for significance, and at the same time, answering our most troubling questions.