About Remonstrance, Inc.

re·mon·strance n.

  1. The act of remonstrating.
  2. An expression of protest, complaint, or reproof, especially a formal statement of grievances.
The Four Beasts

"Kings who will arise from the earth" (Dan. 7:17)

Remonstrance, Inc. is not a corporation. It would be a silly corporate name. Rather, it describes the bulk of my life’s work, beginning around 1979 or 1980, when I finally figured out nobody wins in The System, as the Bible calls it, or “The Monster”, as Steppenwolf once called it. Whatever the name, it’s a cold place where real people are cast away like industrial waste. I’ve always been a remonstrant at heart towards The System. I rebelled in many different ways until I discovered the only recourse is the redemption Jesus Christ brought to the people. “God so loved the world, He gave His only son…” (Jn. 3:16).

“Why remonstrate?” some might ask. To them I would cite the woodcut above which depicts the many “kings who will arise from the earth,” as Daniel prophesied, who were little beasts. Most would agree we’ve seen far too many beasts driving The System.

Those with a penchant for history will recognize the allusion to the famous “Remonstrance” declaration which fueled the Radical Reformation, much like the remonstrances against King Edward’s oppression. Remonstrance is redemptive in the hands of those who love freedom, which was the movement Jesus truly started. Despite the best efforts of despots, emperors and dictators to hijack His freedom movement, it stays alive and well, as Communist China can testify today. It is my life’s ambition to fuel His freedom movement among those still shackled by the The System and its grand Institutes of Religion.

With this in mind, Remonstrance, Inc. strives to achieve two complimentary goals:

  1. To monitor, document, and publicize how The System reduces people to industrial waste, especially through its deceptive promises.
  2. To educate people on the alternative, trustworthy promises available through Jesus Christ, and the redemption He brings to industrial waste.



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One thought on “About Remonstrance, Inc.

  1. Missy Belgen

    Hi Keith,
    I have been a member of Xenos in Columbus for nearly 38 years. I met you an a couple of occasions way back, but that was really WAY back.
    I am writing because I am trying to locate 5 of 6 copies of The Scarlet Thread. I have found some folks that it is the perfect fit for, to see the whole counsel of God in a relatively brief and readable book. Do you have or know of where I can buy copies at this time?
    I have so much gtatitude to God for your family’s (yours, Den, Buck, Martha and all your spouses) contribution to my own salvation and Discipleship as well as those in my circles over the years.

    Thanks for your Time,
    Missy (Montgomery) Belgen

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