Week 1

Biblical love in a post-modern world

2 Tim. 3:5ff – the Central Issue: Mt.24:12

The “New” Pre-evangelism:

1 Cor. 13:13 – Christianity 101: vague, materialism, compromised

The Future? Difficult to “Christianize” – need a ‘love’ vocabulary.

Ankenman’s Love Therapy

Background – Mt. 7:16

Best model – other approaches unhelpful.


The greatest cause for sickness is emotional

Love (&behavior) is irrational – but not lawless.

Victorious Love Output: Viewpoint, not reactions matter.

Little Boy & Mommy: the courage to face the world

Diffuse / Tribal

Work Subs / Work for Loves: Tribal

Infantiles: Diffuse

God’s Love

What makes love so important?


Establishing Love outside the Trinity: What a price to pay!

1 Tim. 3:16

Love is an Ethical Issue: Sin, Holiness, Chaos, Depravity

“Salvation” in its many phases: redemption, justification, identification, regeneration, mortification, sanctification, glorification. All concerning the development of love.

Love as holiness: life, value, law, ethical hierarchy, Christian living, loving God

Straddling two worlds: authentic love, counterfeit love
Permanent Love Values à Present Love Feelings

Godly Significance

Providing Good

God’s Identity means “Significance”

God jealously guards His significance

Jealousy: God vs. Us (see 1Co. 12:31)

God’s Victory: all creation proclaiming his significance

EMOTIONAL IMPACT: “I feel loved when I love…”

The Significance of Significance

What is it?

Do I need it?

I get it at work!

How do I get it?

Polarities of Growth

Useless / Significance