Week 11


Week 11: Leap of Faith (repentance)

(Start around Minute 1:50 to end of tape)

LTC “Love Ethics” Week 3 – Keith/Katey 11/28/07

The Ministry of Change


When you are calling for someone to repent this – a leap of faith is what you are calling for:

Titus 3:3

For we also once were foolish ourselves, disobedient, deceived, enslaved to various lusts and pleasures, spending our life in malice and envy, hateful, hating one another.

Foolish – dumb/empty in your pride

This is where we are all coming from – each of us in this room – we all can claim this nasty laundry list for ourselves. This is our approach with prideful – immature love.


Process for Healing



  • Born that way

  • I define love this way: “I deserve…”

  • Ingratitude arises from the need for present love feelings – this is the cuddle


Law School teaches you that you are a sinner.

That is the point – you must seethe and see that you are wrong.

Example: of little boy obeying the rules

  • Stored up enough love form outside (acc’d to their rules), then they’ll conform: “Ok … I’ll do this …” (they will comply as you have loved them.

  • Calling on them to GIVE “love,” but it’s not authentic … because we’re still finding loopholes.

  • Learn failure and the necessity of it … because love given to you will fail you.




She didn’t want me to cross the street because I could die.

  • I understand/ see it … confusion is gone/I was wrong.

  • Repent … I am grateful = I love you.

  • Give emotional love … heart felt love


Choice of the heart: replacing basic presuppositions

Here is the Problem –

God’s Love:

  • He loved me while I was an enemy.


  • “I hate my enemies …”

  • “I love those who love me.”

These are two different worlds – we cannot even begin to look into someone else’s world at this point.

  1. God looks at us and says – “You are completely irrational.” Your approach is not going to work.

  2. We look at God’s approach to love and think – “NO, you are the one who is irrational – I can’t see how this will work.”

That is where we are at.


When we go and discipline someone, they do not understand what we are doing. How you are trying to love them does not make any sense.


They will change though and this is how:


God says:

  • I am over here

  • I love you.

  • Trust me

  • Come on over here.

    • Cuddle: “I died for you without strings attached.”

    • Paddle: “Get up and take a step.” “You must move over toward me” – that is the “step (leap) into faith” that Kierkegaard spoke of.

  • That is why discipline must be irrational – you are calling them to adopt something different.


How does this work with someone of Little Faith?


Choice in the heart: the “law bridge:”

this is the kind of person who says don’t even talk to me about the love of God – they will here you and see you – that is the cuddle – you are the intermediary – they respond to you – they come to a few CT’s – the Paddle is you place an expectation on them – like I will pick you up for CT – Not can I pick you up – rather that I will do this. I have loved you enough – so you will come Saturday night – it takes a paddle


We start wrestling with minor presuppositions with people – this is struggling with the pride barrier. All she wants is an empathetic ear – they is what you do when you are calling for repentance



Starting point: wrestling with minor (but significant) presuppositions which prevent the truth from passing through the Pride Barrier

  • FROM: “If I listen to her, I’ll loose…”

  • TO: “All she wants is an empathetic ear.”


The REAL crisis: my world view is wrong!

  • Leap to faith: a major turning point. See Heb 6/10 – point of “No return” crisis

  • Kadesh-Barnea: they saw the Jordan Valley opened up in front of them!

  • Ingratitude is foundational: gratitude solidifies repentance … It is the state we should be in as regenerate beings … the “thorns and thistles” of Heb 6:8

The huge once is the call that your entire world view is wrong. It is possible for people to say “NO.” That is the point of no return. Recall when the Israelites refused to go into the Promised Land – God had love them over and over – but they refused to put their trust in him – they would not repent. The relationship was cut off. This can happen.


Hebrews 6:8

but if it yields thorns and thistles, it is worthless and close to being cursed, and it ends up being burned.


We need the body of Christ

We need the Holy Spirit

Do not call for change from people who are not being loved.


God’s “presuppositions” – Actually principles of creation.

  • Utterly incomprehensible to the natural mind.

  • Requires Spiritual Enlightenment

  • The kid knows his mom’s love for him so he comes her way

  • ie. it’s the revelation of the love and person of God preceding brokenness.