Week 3

Love Ethics Cell: Week 3



Present Love Feelings – PLF

(Feelings of love)



Learning PLV –

What works and doesn’t work

Fences and Gates – Tribal


VLO – pumped into

Does not teach how to love

Victorious love output experienced

What makes love so important?

1. Bible says so?

2. Because it feels good?

3. Because we need to feel loved?

Love is important because you need_____love, not_____loved.

Milestones in God’s Universe

Creation was NOT the only thing God was doing.

He was also______________________the Godhead.

  • Angels: sovereign free will unleashed
    • Only way to establish__________________________.
  • Rebellion: an attempt by man to get away from_______________________.
    • Satan established____________________.
    • Don’t have to forgive, work things out, deal with people’s messy lives.
    • Fingerprint of Satan – __________________.
  • Humans being created_______________________________.
    • God is building love.
  • The Fall: alienation spread throughout whole doman
    • Mark of the fall = ___________________.
  • Old Testament Revelation: Promises & pictures of God’s love.
  • The Incarnation: the power of agape free captives
    • Christ comes in with________________________________.
    • Love is sacrificing all for you.
    • “This is what I look like.”
  • New Testament Revelation: the victorious love through_________.
  • Eternity future: whole purpose of agape begins.

There is lots of suffering and pain is going on to establish this love outside the Trinity.

What makes this whole thing work?

1 Timothy 3:16

“Without question, this is the great mystery of our faith:

Christ was revealed in a human body and vindicated by the Spirit.

He was seen by angels and announced to the nations.

He was believed in throughout the world and taken to heaven in glory.

The grace and love of God.

It will be a mess in your life to get this established.

Love is an______________issue.

The framework is_______________________________________.

  • Sin: the core human problem.
    • Autonomous, distrustful, selfish
    • What’s so bad about this? _____________________.
  • Holiness: the______of God’s character.
    • What is so different about God?
    • He knows how to build___________________________.
  • Chaos: when love breaks down, sin wins.
    • Other controls must now be put in place.
    • What kind of nonloving elements?___________________
    • Love does not thrive in a system of rules.
  • Depravity: worthless and devoid of value
    • The effects? An inability to______and__________________.
    • EG>drunk in the gutter

God has a solution – Authentic Spirituality.

Salvation in its many phases. It is a process:

  • Redemption: purchased out of system of____________________.
  • Justification: can now approach the throne of grace
  • Identification: clothed with Christ’s__________________________.
  • Regeneration: a new heart of love

o Becoming a concrete reality of your life.

  • Mortification: Christ putting to death your flesh.
    • Renouncing_______________________.
  • Sanctification: learning to live________________________.
    • As opposed to spiritual disciplines
  • Glorification: the Wedding Feast
    • ___________________________

Love is authentic holiness

  • Necessary for basic human existence
    • ILL>baby taken away from mother
  • Necessary for basic human value
    • Our value is tied up with people who_________________.
  • It is the summation of the _______________________________.
  • Advanced Christianity is faith working through love.
  • Loving God means___________________________________.

┬áIf God doesn’t have any needs, how do we love Him?

John 21

We straddle 2 worlds of love:

  • Counterfeit World – kosmos love
    • Perishing
    • It is everywhere
  • Authentic World – Kingdom love
    • Christ is the only one to have lived it
    • Until Christ, love_________________________________.
    • “A new commandment I give to you…” John 13

What gets us all screwed up?

  • We get needy & need attention
    • We need to know how our needs work in order to meet them
  • What drives you is your need to feel___________________________.
    • Not because someone tells you that you are significant
      • This only works with kids
    • Substantial significance
    • Real love is_______________________________.
      • It has___________________impact.
    • Is loving being nice?
      • Nice________________________________.

Having a sense of authority. PERMANENT LOVE VALUES

  • Through_______________________.
  • Right perspective
  • Providing_______________________.
  • Having the framework and skills to make it work.