Wish You Were Here!

The global economy, Japan’s nuclear meltdown, and the war against Libya pass into obscurity when you get up at dawn and see a sunrise over the Atlantic ocean. (I took the picture!) Try sleeping under a full moon on the beach (like I did last night), and you’ll agree it’s a cure-all! (Sorry to report, for those back in Northeast Ohio, it was been 87 degrees yesterday…)

2011 Florida St. Augustine 038

Saint Augustine, FL is the “oldest city in North America” (they claim), founded by Ponce de Leon (in a quest for the “Fountain of Youth”) in 1513. Indeed, that fountain must be here, because I feel much younger today (or maybe it’s vacation).

We miss the Mueller’s, and we’re praying for you, Todd & Heidi, after your difficult birth. Please let us know (anyone, please leave a comment, I’ll get it) if critical complications are developing.

We definitely miss all you Gen-Xers who stayed behind to make & deliver babies.

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