Obama Deprecates Israel

Apparently President Obama is unfamiliar with God’s Word on Israel, unless he thinks a U.S. President can override what God has done. Those knowing God’s Word on Israel know that He prophesied 2,600 years ago that His people would be dispersed across the nations, regathered, and established securely in the land which includes the West Bank (read Ezekiel 36-37 for more). Obviously this promise was fulfilled against staggering odds, which includes the six-nation invasion of Israel in 1967. If all Israel’s neighbors together can’t faze biblical prophecy, it seems highly improbable the president’s speech could fare better!

This is a biblical issue, not political. God warns nations not to mess with Israel’s security (see Gen. 12, 15, 17, 21), lest they become enemies of God. President Obama should consider what “enemy of God” entails. Israel’s neighboring enemies are not faring well, last time I turned on the evening news. Israel, on the other hand, is prosperous–a startling fact when you travel from cosmopolitan Israel to any of its Third World neighbors.

Even more disgraceful, the President should know that America is not in a good position to lecture Israel about conquered lands. If we give Texas and California back to Mexico, maybe we can lecture others, said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu last year.

Despite the hypocrisy, on May 19 the President reversed decades of American support for Israeli security and demanded Israel’s withdrawal from its quasi-secure borders. At the same time he announced military support for the Muslim Brotherhood, Israel’s sworn enemy and the new boss in Egypt, according to PBS Frontline.

May 19, 2011 – President Obama backs Palestinians in urging Israel to pull back to her 1967 borders, a demand rejected by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who calls Obama’s proposed borders ‘indefensible.’ In a bombshell speech just concluded on FNC, Obama announced a series of staggering proposals …

  • He called for Israel to give up the entire West Bank. His excuse is disarmingly simple: “some Palestinians live there.” Obama conveniently chose to forget the tens of thousands of Jews who live there – and that they will face immediate slaughter by Hamas if abandoned by Israel. He also neglected to mention that pulling back to the 1967 borders leaves Israel just 7 miles wide at some places. That means Arab tank-killing man-portable weapons, with ranges of more then 25k can cut the country in half there – which makes Israel militarily indefensible.
  • He also called for “contigious” borders between Gaza, the West Bank and the Golan Heights. That means cutting Israel in half – to give the Palestinians one large and connected chunk of land.
  • Obama went on to insist that Israel must be capable of defending itself alone, without outside help. Translation? Not “if, but “when” attacked by the Arab states, the US will not come to Israel’s aid.
  • Finally, he promised Egypt financial aid to purchase more weapons – Egypt now more and more falling under the influence and soon control of the Moslem Brotherhood.

(From news sources compiled by our friends at Urban Hope).

One thought on “Obama Deprecates Israel

  1. Bryan Bassett

    This news sounds pretty intense.

    Sounds like Obama settled this and Israel is on board. When he said the border switch it was supposedly just like in reference, not exactly those borders but y’all should push back.

    All in all, I think crazy things are right around the corner now, all over the globe.

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