Atheists Angry at God

An organization called American Atheists is angry about a cross displayed at the 9/11 Memorial Museum, suing . They sued NYC to remove the “WTC Cross” from Ground Zero because it violates the separation of church and state. Fairly predictable, right?

WTC_CROSS[5]The angry atheists failed to notice the WTC Cross was created by “an act of God,” as the insurance industry calls it. It means the cross was the result of an accident, not man-made. If it really is a “Crucifix”, then it was, indeed, made by “invisible hands”. The atheists should see a random fusion of I-beams which only appear to be a cross, right? Apparently, these atheists are true believers!

The WTC Cross was discovered two days after 9/11 by firefighters, sticking up prominently from the top of the twin towers rubble. By freak accident—i.e., an “Act of God”—the 17 foot WTC Cross was constructed from two I-Beams fused together, as reported by CBS News “A construction worker discovered the 20-foot tall cross standing upright in the rubble of the Twin Towers. During the emotional clean up at Ground Zero, the cross became the symbol of solace and peace.”

The fused I-Beams can be interpreted two different ways: as a crucifix built by invisible hands, or as a random fusion of I-Beams with no meaning whatsoever. A Catholic priest working that day at Ground Zero thought it was a crucifix, which made perfect sense—Catholics believe in the supernatural, right? (Not surprisingly, the Catholics took immediate possession of the artifact and blessed it.)

But why do American Atheists think it’s anything but a random collision of I-Beams? Since they call it a cross and treat it like a cross, they obviously believe “the hand of God” fused the beams together.

2011-07-23T172753Z_01_NYK715D_RTRIDSP_3_EXHIBITION-SEPTEMBER11The lawsuit is so frivolous and absurd, even fellow atheists are embarrassed by it.

The folly goes deeper still: American Atheists say that if the Christian symbol is displayed at Ground Zero, “then American Atheists insists that an equivalent symbol for our community be included as well,” said Blair Scot, one of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit. No kidding. If atheists want equivalent “act of God” air time, perhaps they should pray for it.

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