Whoopi Gets Hot on Sex

Poor Mark Driscoll. Really, I mean it this time.

He and his beautiful wife Grace sat down yesterday on a beehive of irritated TV personalities on The View. The Driscolls were barely introduced before co-host Joy Behar asked why they oppose homosexuals “having fun.”

“Nice to meet you too, Joy,” Driscoll should have said.

The Veiw

Joy thinks the Bible says gays should not "have fun."

Whoopi Goldberg was clearly irritated by the Driscoll’s biblical views, rolling her eyes at their rather patient answers on marriage and sexuality. Finally her disdain burst out: “Are you saying that the widow or widower should just do without [sex] because God doesn’t like it?” I can’t believe Driscoll didn’t lose it (laughing). Her question was inane on so many levels.

Seriously, Goldberg is scandalized that it matters “if God doesn’t like” something? She apparently thinks God’s version of truth is only one opinion!

Whoopi wonders

Whoopi says God's views are inconsequential.

Is Whoopi outraged that God prohibits remarriage for widows or widowers? Not at all. She’s outraged that God instituted marriage for sexuality, without leaving an escape clause for hot-and-bothered, random widow-sex!  Of all the pressing issues, widow/er sex gets top priority…so goes the “arbitrary rightness” of Postmodern ethics.

“Since when is believing that sex belongs in the confines of marriage between a man and a woman wrong?” asked someone at the ABC site. I too am surprised it’s a surprise.

Ironically, Goldberg is producing a Broadway version of “Sister Act” about Catholic nuns, which makes you wonder if she knows anything about the Catholic view on marriage. If she researched it, she would find it’s easier for a widow/er to have sex in Catholic doctrine than a nun!

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