“Saint” is never found in the singular in the Bible – always “Saints”, in the plural. In God’s vocabulary, His “Chosen Ones” (saints) do not exist alone, and cannot exist alone.

David and Johnathon were the epitome of friends. In 1 Samuel 18:1 “Johnathon loved him as his own soul.” A friendship like this means:

  • It was a choice made by Johnathon, not some accidental relationship.
  • It was a relationship which weathered the pressures and tortures of Johnathon’s father.

Friendship is sacrificial: he gave David everything he had (later in ch.18), taking off his royal garments and giving them to David, his rival. Johnathon was supposed to inherit the throne, but he knew David was already chosen, and freely stepped aside. David was the son of a sheepherder, Johnathon the son of royal blood. Yet he bore no elitist indifference towards such a lowly one. A friend will always sacrifice for the one loved. Without sacrifice, there is no friendship.

Friendship is steadfast: Johnathon remained faithful to his friend, despite his father’s position. And equally, he also submitted to his father (2 Sam. 1:23). He never built one relationship on the ruin of another.

Friendship is secure: a committed friend will warn you of the trouble in your life, always warn of danger. In 1 Sam. 19:1ff, Johnathon told David of impending danger, and he stood in between his friend and danger.

A friend intercedes: 1 Sam 19:23f “I will stand in between my father and thee…” He tried very hard to plead on behalf of David.

The Bible says, “There is a friend who sticketh closer than a brother.” What a treasure such a friend is! Jesus Christ is such a friend. I was running away as fast as I could, and He found me: “With lovingkindness I have drawn thee.” (Jeremiah 23) Jesus took off His royal robes, put on the clothes of humanity, identified with me and gave up his life for me. He sacrificed and paid with the greatest price anyone can pay: “No greater love has any man than this – that he lay down his life for his friend.”

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One thought on “Friendship

  1. joesnake

    What a contrast to the way the world says we should live! We learn to think of friendships as the benefits we get and dump people when they don’t benefit us anymore. Then we wonder why people don’t want to be our friends! Instead of trying to step on people to get to the top, God’s way is so different. We wonder why we grow to be old and bitter wondering why no one likes us and we don’t have friends- it’s because we’ve crushed and alienated them all to persue our own self-interests.

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