The Latest on Christian Parenting

Our parenting class is generating a few thoughtful studies and insights from people taking the class. Their work is excellent. Take a moment to read, especially if you’re invested in kids!

From Joe Allie’s article, “Raising Christian Kids in a non-Christian World

It’s frightening to think our children won’t grow up to have the same relationship with God as their parents do, but the greatest mistake we can make is to curl up and retreat from the world around us. “Greg’s” parents never had the kind of Christian fighting spirit that creates meaningful life and “Greg” saw this. His parents were no better than the parents of his non-Christian friends and he never saw a reason to buy into their belief system.

In Touch With Jesus

Bryan Bassett provides some amazing research on the changing nature of youth ministries in churches. I found Bryan’s article to be a great asset in my own understanding of working with students. I call it “Bassett’s Assets”.

From “In Touch With Jesus” from B4:

Sugarcoated, MTV-style youth ministry is so over. Bible-based worship is packing teens in pews now…I do think we should focus more on the whole teaching part of the group then the fun part, even though it is basically the fun part that makes the people come back after there first time.

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