Parenting Class

The Challenge of Parenting

The first class is Wednesday, December 13, 2006 at 7:30PM at the Howells. Two more classes will be held in January 10th and January 24th.

For any Christian working or dealing with teenagers, this class is a great opportunity. There are not many parenting classes out there — except those for teens in trouble at school or with the law. Christian parents are especially anxious to get some information about the (strange) behavior they begin to see in teens and wonder if there’s anything they can do about it.

Parenting Teens is a course designed for busy parents and youth workers. Use the on-line Web site to sign up for the course, obtain class updates and handouts, interact with other parents and course teachers, and do some research

From the course description:

Parenting teens is a whole different world than parenting younger children. Often parents are caught by surprise when their teens suddenly start demonstrating different behaviors, ideas, and thought processes. How do you handle it? How do we maintain a good relationship with our teens? Are there sound biblical foundations we can work from? How do we take our dependent children to independent adulthood? With so many competing influences, how can we help our kids avoid the seduction and assimilation of the secular culture. This class provides good information on accomplishing these goals

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