Little Kings

“What is man that you would consider him? You have made him to rule…You have made man for a little while lower than the angels…”

“Don’t you realize that we will judge the angels?”

It is perhaps not by coincidence that believers are called “Christians”.  The title means, quite literally and appropriately, “Little Kings”, or “little Christs.”

Jesus is “the Christ”, meaning “the anointed One” whom the Father calls “My Anointed.” This was the “predetermined and foreknown plan of God” for Jesus: to be crucified, buried, raised on the third day, and placed in a seat of honor “above all rule and authority.”  Jesus is the Christ and “the King of Kings and Lord of Lords” who is “worthy of honor and praise and riches and power and glory,” and who proved his worthiness to the universe.

And it is towards this same destiny that “He has predestined us to adoption as sons.” We share in His son’s grand destiny, too. It is a destiny so unmerited that it proves “the glory of His grace” towards the lowliest and most unworthy of creatures. That we might become “co-heirs and co-rulers with the Christ” is the epitome and fulfillment of our title: “Little Kings.”

Because of this destiny as “Little Kings”, He calls on us now to, “Arise! Rule! Take hold of that for which you were set apart from before the foundations of the earth!”  Even now, we should begin to step into our Eternal Thrones and wield the scepter: the cross which he calls on us to “Pick up…and follow me.”  This is where sanctification has its fulfillment as true “differentness” when we pickup the mantle of authority as Christians: “little Kings”.

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